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Chief data processor 
Uus-Järveküla OÜ
Staapli 10, Tallinn

Personal data are data that we collect in order to provide our services, identify a person and contact a person to provide a service or settle disputes. We do not process sensitive personal data as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation i.e. GDPR or EU Regulation No 2016/679). 


Chief processor is an individual or legal entity, public sector institution, authority or any other body that determines the purposes and means of personal data processing. 
Authorised processor is an individual or legal entity public sector institution, authority or any other body that processes personal data on behalf of the chief processor. 
Personal data are any information on an individual identified or to be identified (hereinafter referred to as ‘data subject’); an individual to be identified is a person who can be directly or indirectly identified, primarily based on such identification feature as name, personal identification code, location data, network identifier, or based on one or several physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social characteristics of such individual. 
Processing of personal data – an automated or unautomated act or a collection of acts performed on the personal data or collection thereof, such as collection, documenting, arranging, structuring, storing, adjusting and modifying, performing queries, reading, using, publishing through sending, disseminating or making available in any other manner, matching or combining, limiting, deleting or destroying. 
Cookies are small text files that the website is storing in your computer or smart device when you are visiting our website. It allows storing information on preferences, so that you do not have to make choices again when you visit this page or browse pages. 

Which data do we collect and for which purposes? 

Uus-Järveküla OÜ collects the following data: 
– Name and surname of a person  
– Company name 
– Address and/or delivery address 
– Telephone number 
– Email address 
– Bank account number 
– Information on purchases made and contracts concluded with the client. 

If you wish to obtain more information on a service via our homepage, we collect and process the following personal data – your name and email address. Queries can be submitted through the respective contact form or by sending an email to . To prepare the offer, we also use the company’s data from the credit info query. 

The legal basis for such processing of personal data is processing of personal data for performing of a contract concluded with the participation of the data subject or taking measures prior to the conclusion of the contract according to the data subject’s application (GDPR Art 6(1)(b)). 

Website browsing statistics 

Upon visiting the websites, non-personalised technical data is collected on the visitor. 
The technical data are limited to the internet address (IP address) of the used computer or computer network, software version of the computer’s web browser and operating system, time (time, date, year) and location of the visit. IP addresses are not connected to the information that identifies an individual. 
We used automated tool Google Analytics to collect the abovementioned data. If you do not wish to give this information on yourself, you can prohibit collection of your data by Google Analytics as described herein. 


Our websites are using cookies to improve the quality of the provided services. We use session cookies, permanent cookies and third-party cookies (Google Analytics, Facebook): 
To identify new and returning clients. 
To remember your preferences such as language, display resolution or font size. 
To remember if you have (or have not) agreed to our cookies on this page. 
To collect reliable information on the visitation statistics of the page, which allows us to measure to what extent our page meets the user needs and makes possible improvements. 
Allowing cookies is not unavoidably necessary for the main functions of the website to work, but it gives a better browsing experience. If you so wish, you can always delete and block the cookies, but in doing so, some functions of the website might not work as intended. 
Please consider that some cookies are from third-party service providers who perform some of the tasks on our behalf. 
Information related to cookies is not used to identify your person and the collected data are under our control. The cookies are not used for any purpose other than described above. 

How long do we store data? 

Non-personalised technical data collected on the website are stored without term. 
Personal and customer data are stored as long as it is necessary: 
– for arranging services and information 
– for communicating with respect to the submitted queries 
– for ensuring exercising of choices and rights 

Sharing of personal data 

We may make your personal data, customer data or business data available for companies that are offering services that support our business activities, such as website analysts or customer service providers. These companies are authorised to use personal data, customer data or business data only to provide services to us. When selecting service providers, we observe that the service provider would be in the European Economic Area. 
We share your personal data, customer data or business data to third persons only in the manner described in the privacy notice. We do not sell your personal data to third parties. 


In certain cases, you have the right to request limiting of the processing of your personal data and the right to submit objections on the processing of your personal data. 
If you find that your privacy has been violated, please contact the chief data processor. You also have the right to submit a complaint to the data protection supervisory authority of the country of your permanent residence. 

Withdrawal of the consent given for processing of personal data 

Should you wish ‘to be forgotten’, please let us know by writing to . Based on your application, we will remove information related to your query/queries from our systems. 

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