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A real home for your family

Real people, real homes, real life. These photos here are for real, Uus-Järveküla is exactly like this. Picturesque Estonia. Yet right at city limits of the capital. Fast connections, good roads. Only a few minutes away from the artery of life. This is a new community for your family and you can see it for yourself at any time. That’s right, for real.

July 2021

A trust well earned

Choosing your new home is an important decision for any family. My home is my castle, they say. Almost as serious is the decision whom to trust to build your castle. The Invego team has built new homes for hundreds of happy Estonian families, and EfTEN wisely manages the finances of thousands of Estonians. This is a powerful tandem. This is a trust well earned.

July 2021

A secure future for your children

In Uus-Järveküla there are good daycare centers and excellent schools for your children to come into their own. Next to the acclaimed Järveküla School, there is now also the Kindluse School, a brand new and, in the opinion of many, the coolest general education school in Estonia. This is the place where active and good, free-spirited and creative children will grow up in the future. Your children, our Estonian children.

The terraced houses of dreams

In the space of just a couple years, new terraced houses have been built at Tiskreoja, Tabasalu, based on the complete solutions created by the architecture bureau PIN. The young and talented, yet already experienced and highly regarded architects have now focused all their energy on creating Uus-Järveküla. There is something to wait for and something to dream about.

July 2021

July 2021

Play, move about, enjoy life

In Uus-Järveküla, everyone can enjoy the fresh air and physical activity. You can walk, rollerblade, ride a bike or a scooter – both schools and shops are close enough. In addition to one’s own yard, there are cool playgrounds for children and sports facilities and health trails for adults. Right next door and ready to use exactly when you feel like it.

You are ready for your new home

Your family is looking for a new and more spacious, truly child-friendly home. A place to grow up together and to enjoy all the small and big steps. If you are here, then you are in the right place. Do not postpone this decision, because your family’s new home will be ready in the spring of 2024.

July 2021

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